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The Queen’s Speech: Your views

The Queen has performed the annual state opening of Parliament, outlining the programme for the next session. BBC news website readers have been giving us their views on the government's proposed new laws for the coming year.


Nadarajah Ravindran is an IT consultant in New Malden.

Nadarajah Ravindran
Nadarajah Ravindran does not believe bank reform will go far enough
I am an IT consultant working within the financial sector. I worry about my job and the economic future here. I don't think the measures are enough and I am worried that it's all a bit too late. The government must act immediately and I felt no sense of urgency from the Queen's Speech.

The Government must not wait until banks get into severe difficulties and then try to fix the problem at the taxpayer's expense.

There needs to be a better approach. I think banks must open up their books and be regulated or we will face the same problems six months down the road.


Gary Crossley from Manchester is a single parent on benefit with three children under 16.

As chairman of a single parents club of over 50,000 members and having discussed the welfare reform bill in great detail, my blood boils with the vague concept of the Queen's Speech today.

Gareth Crossley
Gareth Crossley said vagueness of the speech made his blood boil

There was mention that child poverty should be 'stopped' by the year 2020. To do this the government plans to lower the age of child benefit so that only parents with children seven or under can claim it. This means there will be more single parents struggling financially. Luxuries like childcare fees will not be affordable. This then means that many working, single parents will probably have to leave their children to fend for themselves (latch key kids). The knock-on effect could be accidents in the home as children try to cook and look after themselves or youngsters roaming the streets on their own.

I believe that to save money single parents are not going to pay out extra cash for child minders. It's just not going to happen.

Neither did I hear anything to put my fears at ease about disabled single parents.

Everyone seems to be missing the point that disabled single parents cannot qualify for incapacity benefit because of a lack of national insurance stamps and you can only get these stamps if you have been working for the last three years.

This is a terrible and distressing state of affairs.


Ana Suarez is a process engineer from Mexico, she lives in Aberdeen.

I am a work permit holder in a highly skilled job as a process engineer in Scotland and have been living here in the UK for two years. I have a degree and experience. I was interviewed by phone when I was in my office in Mexico and was brought here. I thought then that may be there are not enough process engineers willing to live in the north of Scotland and I felt I was needed.

Ana Suarez
Ana Suarez believes that immigrants must earn the right to stay

I followed the Queen's speech and to my understanding there will be tighter immigration control. I think this is a good thing. I believe that immigrants must earn the right to stay. Also, if there's better control the ones already here like me, will probably receive better treatment.

I feel I have come to this country to share what I know and to gain more experience in my field of knowledge. I do pay high taxes but receive benefits such as NHS health care and maternity leave.

But for some, I am still a second class resident who is taking away somebody else's job.

What did you think of the Queen's speech? Send your comments

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