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Baby P: The full health dossier

A newly-released dossier, shown below, details Baby P's contact with health and social workers from the day he was born to the day he died, aged 17 months.

Prosecution lawyers prepared the document for an Old Bailey trial of three people found guilty of causing his death.

Baby P
Lawyers drew up a full list of Baby P's contact with the authorities


1 March: Baby P is born.

22 March: Health visitor Yvonne Douglas makes first home visit. P has oral thrush.

24 March: Family GP Jerome Ikwueke sees P for the condition.

7 April: Yvonne Douglas weighs P at baby clinic.

13 April: Six-week examination by Dr Ikwueke.

2 May: GP visit for diarrhoea and vomiting.

4 May: Yvonne Douglas sees mother and P at health clinic.

22 May: First vaccinations for meningitis and diphtheria.

28 May: P vomiting after feeds, mother calls out of hours emergency service.

4 June: GP visit for pain, diarrhoea and vomiting.

9 June: P's mother seen for depression by mental health worker Karolina Jamry.

19 June: GP visit, second immunisations.

11 August: P's mother sees Ms Jamry about marital problems.

15 September: Home visit by health visitor Yvonne Douglas.

19 September: Seen by GP for nappy rash.

13 October: Seen by GP for bruising to head and chest, mother claims this was caused by an accidental fall down stairs.

17 November: GP visit for upper respiratory tract infection and thrush.

Computer graphics of Baby P's injuries
Bruising was first recorded by health officials on 13 October 2006

11 December: P admitted to Whittington Hospital in north London with bruising to forehead and nose, sternum and right shoulder/breast.

12 December: P examined and referred to child abuse investigation team, seen by DC Angela Slade.

13 December: P examined on ward by consultant paediatrician Heather Mackinnon.

14 December: P examined on ward by Dr Mackinnon.

15 December: P discharged into care of Angela Godfrey. A police investigation begins.

18 December: Social worker Agnes White visits P's mother at home.

19 December: P's mother and grandmother are arrested and interviewed at Hornsey police station in north London.

21 December: P's leg X-rayed at hospital.

22 December: P's mother attends a child protection conference with Haringey social workers and Dr Mackinnon.

24 December: An emergency duty team visits Angela Godfrey's home to check on P.

27 December: Social worker Agnes White visits P at Godfrey's home and returns later unannounced.

29 December: Agnes White returns for check on P's contact with his mother.


9 January: Angela Godfrey takes P to health clinic for thrush on buttocks and is seen by Yvonne Douglas.

12 January: P's leg is X-rayed again at hospital.

16 January: Agnes White checks for a second time on P's contact with his mother.

17 January: P's leg is X-rayed again at hospital.

19 January: Mother seen by Ms Jamry.

25 January: GP visit for nappy rash.

A bloody T-shirt worn by the dead boy
A bloody T-shirt worn by the dead boy

26 January: Repeat visit by Agnes White to check on P's contact with his mother, who is seen on the same day by Ms Jamry.

2 February: P's third set of vaccinations and Maria Ward allocated as social worker.

8 February: Preliminary assessment of mother by unspecified official Caroline Sussex.

18 February: P and mother moved to new address in Haringey.

22 February: Social worker Maria Ward's first home visit.

27 February: Miss Ward attends case conference at Haringey.

2 March: Miss Ward and health visitor Paulette Thomas visit mother at home.

5 March: Miss Ward questions mother after school nurse sees her slap a child.

6 March: Unannounced visit by Miss Ward.

8 March: Visit by Miss Ward.

14 March: Visit by family support service worker Marie Lockhart.

16 March: Haringey child protection conference with mother, attended by Miss Ward and Miss Lockhart.

20 March: Mother and P videoed at parenting class.

22 March: Miss Ward visit.

23 March: One-year check at health clinic.

29 March: Haringey case conference.

9 April: P seen by GP with bruising to face. Mother claims he was pushed into a fireplace by another child. P is admitted to North Middlesex Hospital in Enfield, north London, for bruising and swelling to his head.

10 April: P referred to child development clinic by a social worker who sees him "head-banging".

11 April: P discharged from North Middlesex Hospital.

12 April: Child protection meeting at North Middlesex.

24 April: Home visit by Miss Ward.

3 May: Mother and P attend parenting class.

Baby P
Police probe begins on 15 December 2006

9 May: Planned home visit by health visitor Ms Thomas.

16 May: Family support visit by Ms Lockhart.

18 May: GP visit for hives, an allergic reaction.

21 May: Miss Ward visits.

1 June: Miss Ward makes an unannounced visit and reports P's mother to police over bruises to P, who is taken to North Middlesex Hospital for a check up.

5 June: Mother interviewed under caution at Hornsey police station.

6 June: P seen by Ms Thomas at the health clinic.

7 June: More immunisations at GP surgery and child protection meeting at North Middlesex Hospital.

8 June: Police take photos of P and seize a toy from his home.

12 June: Registered childminder Anne Walker takes P for day care for 10 days.

15 June: Home visit by Ms Lockhart.

19 June: Miss Ward visits childminder.

20 June: Case conference at Haringey.

21 June: P and mother attend a parenting class.

5 July: Mother and P attend a parenting class.

9 July: Mother takes P to North Middlesex Hospital with an ear infection.

11 July: Home visit by Miss Ward.

18 July: P seen at health clinic for a scalp and ear infection.

19 July: Mother and P attend a parenting class and go to North Middlesex Hospital about the infection.

26 July: GP visit for head lice and blood in P's ear.

30 July: Case conference at Haringey. Home visit by Miss Ward. Mother is feeling stressed.

1 August: P seen at St Ann's Hospital in north London by locum paediatrician Sabah Al Zayyat.

2 August: Mother told police to take no further action over assault allegations.

3 August: 1136 GMT: 999 call.1140 GMT: Ambulance arrives.1143: Ambulance leaves. 1149: Ambulance arrives at hospital.1210 GMT: P pronounced dead and police called.1330 GMT: Body maps completed.1345 GMT: Mother arrested.

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