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World War I battlegrounds

As the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I approaches, the BBC's Robert Hall has been to the battlefields of France and Belgium.

Trenches in the forest of Verdun have simply become overgrown while Fort Douaumont remains largely untouched.

Click on the map below for a tour of the sites.

Hill Sixty Two Fort Douaumont Caures Wood Vimy Ridge Armistice Map

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Hill 62

Three generations of the Greeve family reflect on World War I and what it means to remember those who died.

Fort Douaumont

Historian Christina Holstein takes a tour of Fort Douaumont, near Verdun in France, to show the remaining gun turrets and cupolas.

Caures Wood

Despite the forest growing around them, the German trenches of 1916, are still clearly visible. Historian Christina Holstein explains the design of the trenches and details what happened in them.

Vimy Ridge

The BBC's Robert Hall joins Iain McHenry, a military historian, on a tour of the tunnels at Vimy Ridge.

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