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BBC scandal dominates the papers


Anger over the prank phone messages left for the actor, Andrew Sachs, is vented in the editorialsof six papers.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has joined the attack and the Sun says the scandal is now beyond the BBC's control.

The Independent says the BBC's apology seemed to reflect more a fear of the press than a proper sense of moral obligation.

The Daily Mail says BBC managers, with their metropolitan mindsets, could not see what the fuss was about.

Fiduciary fecklessness

The Independent's lead is that some of the world's largest hedge funds could lose billions after betting on the shares of carmaker Volkswagen.

The Daily Telegraph says hedge funds had staked money on Volkswagen shares falling in line with other carmakers.

But because Porsche had a much larger interest in the company than many knew, the Financial Times adds, there was a huge jump in Volkswagen's share price.

The Guardian says it as more financial gambling that went spectacularly wrong.

Oily conscience

The Daily Express uses its front page to call on BP to cut its fuel prices by 10p a litre after making a profit of 6.4bn in three months.

The paper says BP has a moral duty to act because its profits are directly linked to the misery soaring oil prices have caused to millions of people.

Other leader writers weigh in. The Sun says the huge profit needs a response.

The Daily Mail however finds it a welcome change to see a British company raking in profits in "these dark days".

Simply the best

Finally, a panel of more than 30 leading names in the cookery world has been deliberating on what is the most essential kitchen gadget.

The panel, which included Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc, considered electrical mixers, juicers, frothers and egg poachers, among others.

The Daily Telegraph reports they gave the honour to an object that rarely costs more than 1 - the wooden spoon.

The most useless gadget was judged to be a lemon squeezer.

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