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Assisted suicide man on front pages


The story of Daniel James, who is believed to be the youngest Briton to die at an assisted suicide clinic, appears on several front pages.

"Parents who helped their paralysed son kill himself," is how the Times headlines the photograph.

It quotes the words of his parents, who said their son felt his body had become "a prison" after he became paralysed in a rugby training accident.

Columnist Joan Bakewell asks readers to hold off judgements on his parents.

Bonus culture

The Guardian and the Independent both carry front pages about the bonuses allegedly being lined up for bankers in the midst of the financial crisis.

The Independent says city bankers got 16bn in bonuses in the year to April - almost exactly the same as in 2007.

The Guardian claims workers at some of Wall Street's biggest banks are to receive "discretionary bonuses" worth $70bn (40.5bn).

This is despite being bailed out with $700bn (405bn) from the US government.

Sex education

The Daily Telegraph says a government review is expected to recommend compulsory sex education for primary school pupils.

The paper says the review will call for children to be taught about the human body, sexual health and relationships.

There are claims from experts that "gradual education" stops children rushing into sex when they are older.

The Daily Mail says there will be a public consultation on whether schools or parents can opt out of the plans.


The Daily Star has a story on how football icon David Beckham is to launch his own supermarket range of microwave dinners.

The new range, on sale at Tesco, contain nutrients such as Omega 3 oils.

The Sun reports on student doctors' musical training for helping patients suffering from heart failure.

They train in giving CPR while listening to the Bee Gees' classic Stayin' Alive, as it has almost the perfect rhythm to help keep blood-flow going.

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