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Blair resigns: Police officers' view

Sir Ian Blair
Sir Ian Blair resigned from Met Police
The resignation of Sir Ian Blair has caused a political storm between the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Sir Ian announced his resignation on Thursday, citing a lack of support from Mr Johnson.

The former Met Commissioner faced criticism after the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and allegations of racial discrimination by senior Met officers.

Here serving and former police officers give their views on Sir Ian Blair's resignation and the role of politics in policing.


I think Sir Ian Blair has been used as a political scapegoat.

He took over the Met during a very turbulent time and I think he has done a fantastic job.

In his short tenure he has turned the Met from a police force that everyone was migrating from to a place where everyone is migrating to.

Police in Wales
Police on patrol in Wales
The Met is now the best place to go for career development and enhancement.

The Jean Charles de Menezes incident was unfortunate but I don't think it was Ian Blair's fault directly.

Although he was the overall commander at the time, the operation itself had a commanding officer and there were numerous individuals involved.

It was a mistake that could have happened in any police force under any commissioner. I don't believe any officers were at fault.

This whole resignation has shown just how closely linked the role of Police Commissioner and policing itself has become to the political arena.

I see it with my own chief constable and role. We are now more about meeting targets than catching offenders, and these days we are hiring and firing people for political reasons instead of for their ability to do the job.


As an ex-officer, I applaud Boris Johnson for taking decisive action. Sir Ian Blair should have gone a long time ago.

Stewart Pearson
Stewart Pearson thought Ian Blair's position was untenable
He has brought the police service into disrepute.

His position became untenable after the Stockwell shooting, and his handling of the situation showed his total lack of judgement.

It shouldn't have taken Boris Johnson to make him come to this decision. Jacqui Smith or previous Home Secretaries before her should have fired him or encouraged him to resign.

The continuing allegations against Sir Ian Blair -whether true or not- were undermining the very discipline of the police.

One of the roles of Met Commissioner is to sit in judgement over officers who have done wrong. How could any officer take Ian Blair seriously when he himself has so many allegations against him?

It was also clear that he lost the confidence of his senior officers. When your own staff members don't back you you've got to go.


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