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Cameron speech: Supporters' views

The Conservative Party conference has closed in Birmingham, with leader David Cameron insisting he has the "character and judgement" to become prime minister at the next election.

Conservative supporters say what they thought of his speech.


Nick Yeo
The speech exceeded expectations

There was such a huge expectation and he touched all the right issues.

He had a deep sense of passion, and was visibly moved in parts.

I think he has acquired a strong insight into the business of the economy and everything he said sounded very well observed.

He seems like a good manager, for example, when he referred to George Osborne's speech from earlier in the week.

Very few people will watch the speech in its entirety, which is a shame as edited bits won't get the message across as well.

Despite having to change his speech he still spoke eloquently and with humour and passion. In fact, he exceeded my expectations, and I think it is one of the best speeches I've heard.


I was extremely impressed and, maybe more importantly, satisfied with the speech. He touched on all the things that worry me and this to me is the mark of a great leader.

Not only is he in touch with the concerns of the electorate but he also has the right ideas to fix the destruction caused by Labour with regards to taxes, personal debt and the bloated public sector, to name but three issues.

Adam Cooper
Immigration, the NHS, policing, benefits spongers and respect within society are now the things that are foremost in my concerns.

He mentioned them all and also considered them in turmoil, and this has now guaranteed him my vote.

I have a far higher admiration for him than I had before this speech because of this open admission and acceptance that we as a country are on the ropes.

I just hope he is given the time he needs when elected. He will not be able to work magic overnight and I hope the voters appreciate that rebuilding will take many, many years.


Pav Dhande
When people talk about football matches they say you can't beat being there - and that's how it was with this speech.

It was my first conference so I didn't know what to expect. It was fantastic. There was a real buzz of excitement.

Everyone was fully behind David. His speech had a serious tone which was fully appropriate given the financial climate at the moment.

He made a few little digs and criticised Labour but mainly it was focused on our vision for the future.

He dismissed Labour's criticism that he has a lack of experience, saying it's not about experience, but value and character.

And he acknowledged that it won't be easy, but together we can get through this financial crisis.

There was a real sense of hope and I have no doubt that David Cameron is the man to take this country forward.


Gillian Evans
It was a good speech and he pressed all my buttons.

He mentioned everything that concerns me and demolished my worries.

Afterwards the BBC's political editor Nick Robinson said it was a speech for middle England and I am delighted by this because so often we are not heard.

I agree with him about the NHS. I have recently had dealings with it as my husband is poorly and it has not been an easy ride.

And I agree with what he said about education and how it is wrong that children are allowed to spell incorrectly.

He used two key words: aspiration and responsibility. This is so important.

Without aspiration we are nothing. And it is time people started taking responsibility for themselves.

I have four children and I have never had to ask for help. I have always worked to bring them up properly.

I feel upbeat and excited for the future now.

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