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Gordon Brown's speech: Your views

Gordon Brown used his speech to the Labour Party conference to say he was a serious man doing a serious job and that this was no time for a novice.

Here a selection of past and present Labour supporters have been telling us what they thought of his speech and whether they were impressed by his performance.

Denise Curtis
He was right when he said serious times need a serious leader.

I thought the speech was fantastic. I feel energised after watching it. You could really see his passion and commitment to everyday values.

I like the way he looked at the global economic situation and made it relevant to what has been happening here. We do need to tackle the credit crisis and it is a global problem.

He ticked all the boxes. He talked about the NHS, education, law and order.

Before today I wasn't sure about him as leader of the party but now I'm reassured.

I was uncertain about him because he does lack charisma and I thought that was letting the party down. But now I realise we don't need a celebrity in charge, we need someone who knows what they are doing and that is Gordon Brown.

I have a lot of confidence in his economic abilities, and it is that experience we need now.

Pat Morris and her grand-daughter
He came across as very artificial.

I was born and bred Labour, my father was a councillor and I was a party activist, so in the past I would never have dreamed of voting for anyone else.

More recently though I have become disillusioned with the party.

I did start to watch Gordon Brown's speech but I had to switch it off.

Someone needs to tell him that we are not stupid and that we are fed up to the back teeth with spin.

Gordon Brown says he cares for the people but is life getting any better? No.

I have to help my granddaughter pay for university and I see how her student debt keeps growing.

Two of my other children are also facing negative equity on their property. Things just aren't getting any better.

Gary McNulty
With Gordon Brown I think it's better the devil you know.

It was a very good speech. He ticked all the right boxes but he was speaking to a crowd of Labour supporters, they are the converted if you like.

I'm traditionally I'm a Labour supporter, but this year in my local election I voted Conservative because of the mistakes made over the 10 pence tax rate.

I would like to give Labour the benefit of the doubt, but part of me feels that it is too late to change things.

It was good that he talked about the future, and being fair, it is what people want to hear. But I can tell you loads about what I would like to do now and in the future, but will it really happen?

It all sounds good but how can he do all these things when the country doesn't have the money to do them? I'm worried that he will have to increase taxes.

He is not a great speaker, but this speech was good, but I think it might be too little too late.


I think it was a good speech it was full of laudable aims. He was very clever when he spoke about fairness and justice as you can't argue with that.

My main concern is that now he has said all of this will he be able to back it up with any action.

It was a very safe speech, but I think probably too little too late.

I was happy to hear him have a go at the Tory Party as I'm worried that the Conservatives might get in at the next election.

I think people are quite shallow, they go for the charisma and looks which he doesn't have.

I genuinely believe he came across as quite sincere and I hope he was able to convince people to back him and not David Cameron.

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