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Clarke's warning makes headlines


The warning from the former Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, that Labour under Gordon Brown is facing "electoral disaster" features in many papers.

The Daily Mirror highlights Mr Clarke's denial that there's a "Blairite plot" against the prime minister.

The front page of the Times reports that plans are being prepared to oust the head of Scotland Yard.

Its editorial refers to "The Twilight of Sir Ian Blair" and thinks his support is crumbling.

Cell shortages

Another police chief makes the front page of the Guardian.

Kent's chief constable, Mike Fuller, says government policies have damaged public and police confidence in the criminal justice system.

He believes dangerous criminals are avoiding jail or being released early because of a shortage of prison places.

The Financial Times features the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, greeting the family of his running mate Sarah Palin.

The Sun says a police officer guarding Tony Blair has been removed from operational duties after leaving a loaded gun in a Starbucks coffee bar.

The paper says the close protection officer left her semi-automatic weapon in the toilet of the cafe in Edgware Road in London.

Dive bomber

Both the Daily Telegraph and Independent cover a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

It says there are fewer women in top jobs than a year ago.

Both the Daily Mail and Guardian feature a spectacular bird's eye view of the dare-devil dive by American Darren Taylor, a former strip-club DJ.

He has already jumped over 35ft into 12 inches of water into a paddling pool. Now he is aiming for a 40ft dive.

The Independent speaks of football's recent "three crazy days".

It says managers have been stripped of their worth by billionaire owners, who now have grotesque influence over a game that used to belong to the people.

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