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Data stick loss dominates papers


The loss of confidential information on tens of thousands of the UK's most prolific criminals is widely reported in Friday's papers.

The Daily Mail and the Times both lead with the story, with the latter saying police informers could be at risk of reprisals due to the loss.

The Mail says Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was told about the "astonishing security blunder" on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Daily Express calls for her resignation.

Older workers

"The population timebomb" is how the Independent describes the news that those aged over 60 now outnumber children in Britain for the first time.

The paper says the ageing nature of the UK's population has explosive consequences for pensions and the NHS.

Early retirement may become a thing of the past, the Daily Telegraph says.

But the Sun says the skills and loyalty of older workers are highly prized by employers. "Bring on the grey hair and the wrinkles," it declares.

Death plunge

The last moments of Ahmed Benyermak, a 16-year-old from east London who plunged to his death after being chased by a gang, are widely reported.

The Guardian describes how he climbed over a balcony on the 13th floor of a tower block before falling.

A witness tells the Sun that the gang pushed Ahmed and kicked his hands before he fell.

He is described as a model schoolboy who died nine hours before picking up his GCSE results - all of them passes.

Energy prices

Investors are deserting Russia faster than at any time since 1998, according to the Financial Times.

The paper says the conflict with Georgia has brought about a big fall in financial markets.

The FT says President Medvedev is facing pressure from business leaders concerned that the global credit crisis is about to be felt there.

It says the president will not be too concerned as Russia has record foreign reserves and energy prices are high.

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