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Cluedo stars killed in makeover

New Jack Mustard playing card
The game was invented by a solicitor's clerk in 1949

Classic murder-solving board game Cluedo has been given a facelift which has killed off its famous characters.

Old characters like Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum have been replaced by football pundit Jack Mustard and video game billionaire Victor Plum.

The house has been renovated from a stately home into a modern mansion complete with a theatre and spa rather than library and ballroom.

There are also new murder weapons, including a dumbbell and baseball bat.

Miss Scarlet is now movie star Kasandra Scarlet, cook Mrs White is now child star Diane White and Reverend Green is now Jacob Green, "the man on the scene with all the ins".

The game, in which players try to discover who murdered the house's owner, Mr Black, was launched in 1949.

It was invented by a solicitor's clerk called Anthony Pratt, whose original characters wielded bombs and hypodermic needles.

Hasbro spokesman Craig Wilkins said: "We wanted to bring the game bang up to date. The new characters are more in tune with modern society, and with the added touch of a first name, more human."

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