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Outtakes from Your News


Parts of Your News that you would not have seen on TV

Every week the Your News team travels to a different part of the country to film the programme, however not all of what we record can be used.

The show is usually taped on a Thursday which means two presenters, two producers and a cameraman decamp from Television Centre in West London to a location somewhere in the UK.

Each week we feature a story from someone who's written to us and where they live dictates where we're going to anchor the show.

Alex Stanger and Laura Jones on Your News
Under pressure, the presenters can get their words completely wrong

We always make effort we get to the places not usually covered by BBC News.

As with any TV production, the longer the shoot takes, the more it's likely to cost which is why we are under immense pressure to film what we need as quickly as possible.

This becomes especially difficult during winter when the light is only at its best from around 9am to 3pm.

So it's not surprising that sometimes presenters get their words muddled or forget what they're talking about.

While out filming it can get quite stressful but afterwards is always amusing to rewatch the bloopers we made.

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Your News in Luton
20 Jul 08 |  UK
Your News in Tewkesbury
19 May 08 |  Have Your Say

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