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Papers spy bad omens for economy


If anyone harbours any optimism about the economic forecast, the Times's interview with Chancellor Alistair Darling may change their minds.

Mr Darling reveals to the paper how he went to a concert by gloomy singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen - to cheer himself up.

The Daily Mirror zooms in on a sign that the credit crunch is truly upon us - the popularity of car boot sales.

It says that more than 20 million of us are prepared to rummage, spending an estimated 2.5bn this summer.


The Daily Express reports on advice from the Health and Safety Executive that people who work with wood should not use brooms to sweep up the sawdust.

The Executive says this could create clouds of dust which might stimulate asthma attacks or cause nose cancer.

But the Daily Telegraph speaks to an unimpressed Sherry Coles, of Shapet Joinery in Bristol.

She says that brooms are "a quick and easy way of cleaning up" and that the HSE's advice is "ridiculous".

Hot style

The Daily Mail fumes over remarks by the boss of the energy firm Centrica that families struggling with soaring fuel bills should wear two jumpers.

It sums up what it thinks with the headline: What a Flaming Cheek.

The Independent, however, has a few fashion tips for making the multi-layered look work.

For women, it says, a three-quarter jacket with a long-sleeved t-shirt is a no-no. But on men, a cashmere crew-neck with a cardigan is fine.

Road rage

Speed cameras on one stretch of road - the A38 near Lichfield, Staffordshire - netted over 1m in fines in a year, reports an incredulous Sun.

Perhaps frustrated drivers should turn to the Guardian, which notes that a number of US towns are considering making golf carts legal on their roads.

The Mayor of Ashkum in Illinois, Paul Heideman, insists that the buggies create a friendlier atmosphere.

One company even customises carts with chrome wheels and leather seats.

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