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Zimbabwe politics provides focus


The political situation in Zimbabwe after Morgan Tsvangirai's withdrawal from the run-off presidential election is considered in Tuesday's papers.

Lord Ashdown tells the Times military intervention in the country would be justified to stop the violence there deteriorating into mass slaughter.

The Guardian urges Zimbabwe's neighbours not to recognise the election result.

The Financial Times responds to the turmoil by calling on the African Union to suspend Zimbabwe.

Heathrow disruption

The Guardian reports that British Airways has criticised the use of Heathrow airport as the port of entry for President Bush during his UK visit.

The decision to use Heathrow, rather than a military base, caused widespread disruption at the airport, it says.

The Independent says more than 60 Labour MPs are threatening to derail plans to weaken people's long-standing right to oppose the building of new nuclear power stations and airport runways.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror's lead story is based on a photograph of ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne kissing his former wife.

Prudent driving

A town in Germany has scrapped all its traffic lights and road signs in an experiment designed to make roads safer, a number of papers report.

The Daily Mail says officials wanted to test the theory that drivers would use extra care and be more courteous to each other if not told what to do.

The paper reports that in the four weeks since the signs were removed there has not been a single accident.

An official tells the Daily Mirror: "We rely on prudence".

Tennis fashion

The players' fashions at Wimbledon get as much space on the news pages as the tennis on the back pages.

Most attention goes to Serena Williams' outfit as she warmed up for her opening match - in a white raincoat.

The Daily Telegraph points out: "Serena, it's not raining", but the Daily Express reasons reasons that she assumed it would rain again this year.

The Daily Mail quotes Miss Williams as saying about her jacket: "It's ladylike and I'm very ladylike".

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