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Green revolution revealed in papers


One in four UK homes could be fitted with solar heating equipment as part of a green revolution planned by the government, says the Guardian.

The paper has a copy of the Renewable Energy Strategy - to be announced next week - and says it is the most ambitious policy change in 50 years.

Under the plans, 3,500 wind turbines could be erected within 12 years.

People could also be required to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and ditch oil-fired boilers.

New railway age

Major developments are also being considered for Britain's railways, according to the Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times.

Network Rail is reported to be considering the idea of building a series of new high speed mainlines.

In the Telegraph's words, it would be the biggest railway construction programme since the Victorian heyday.

The FT says the new lines are needed by 2025 when routes north and west of London are expected to hit capacity.

'Marie Antoinette moment'

One man under attack is Transport Minister Tom Harris for remarking that people have never been so wealthy - and yet they are still miserable.

The Daily Mail is unimpressed by Mr Harris' apology for any offence caused, and his explanation that he had been trying to start a debate

As the credit crunch bites, it is, says the paper, "another example of the chasm between rulers and the ruled".

For the Daily Express, this was Labour's Marie Antoinette moment.

Super diva

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is also the subject of unflattering headlines after she pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers on a plane at Heathrow.

"Raging Belle" is how the Daily Mirror sums up her response to being told that a suitcase had been lost.

The Times remarks that "even for one of the world's greatest divas, it was a bravura performance."

The Sun is angered the supermodel was ordered to do 200 hours community work, rather than being sent to jail.

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