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42-day victory leads the papers


The government's victory on the 42-day terror vote makes most front pages, if not the lead.

The Times says the narrow win will be taken as a signal in the Lords that it can savage the measure.

It says Gordon Brown used up much of his credit with Labour MPs by pleading with them personally to support him.

The Independent says rumours swept Westminster that the DUP had been bought off by promises of ú100m of infrastructure projects.

Apprentice winner

Another man celebrating is Lee McQueen, who's seen grinning, with champagne in the Daily Telegraph with the headline: Apprentice Cheat who prospered.

He was given the nod by Sir Alan Sugar in the BBC reality TV show the Apprentice, and so will get a job with a six figure income.

He lied on his CV claiming he had spent two years at university whereas he had only managed four months.

In his words, it wasn't so much of a lie as "misconstrued information".

MoD and mods

The Guardian reports the MoD, which is currently doing battle in Iraq and Afghanistan, is about to go to war against the fashion group, Next.

Defence chiefs are challenging the store over using the RAF's red, white and blue roundel on a duvet cover.

The MoD is apparently alleging copyright infringement; Next is arguing that the sign is also the emblem of the mod movement of the 1960s.

Itásaysáit was revived by the Jam in 1978 with their All Mod Cons album.

Fire risks

No one disputes firemen and women can face enormous risks but it seems that sporting activities might pose the biggest danger to their well-being.

The Daily Mail reports on a list of injuries reported to Health and Safety officials by Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.

They show more than one in three were sustained playing sports.

Group games were particularly hazardous: one man broke his neck and shoulder playing five a side football.

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