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'I did not see a knife'

The husband of an off-duty special constable, and two other men, have been convicted of her murder. One of the men, Tony Emmanuel, has been acquitted of all charges. He gave the following statement after his arrest in December 2006.

I, Tony Emmanuel, wish to say that on the 11th May 2006 I was asked by a friend to drive him to an address in the Wembley area.

I do not wish to disclose his details because I am convinced that both my own safety and that of my family will be put in serious danger if I do, notwithstanding police protection.

My friend informed me that he wished to collect some ecstasy tablets from an address.

Tony Emmanuel leaves court after being cleared
At no time did I contemplate or have any knowledge that my friend may injure anybody
Tony Emmanuel
I did not know where I was going and he directed me down various streets. I cannot be sure of the precise time but it was in the evening.

My friend asked to use the phone and I am unsure who he phoned but from the police disclosure I believe this must be Roger Leslie. I overheard directions being given.

At no time did I contemplate or have any knowledge that my friend may injure anybody.

My friend asked me to pull over and he left the vehicle. I stayed in the driver's seat to wait for his return.

I thought that my friend was going to carry out a drugs deal.

He then returned to the car and was out of breath.

I did not see a knife. He told me to drive. I did not see where my friend had gone or what happened but I now believe that he murdered the victim in question.

The statement
Mr Emmanuel has been acquitted of murder
Shortly afterwards I was asked to stop, which I did. I thought my friend needed to urinate although I was later told by my friend that he had discarded the knife.

My friend later told me that he had stabbed someone after the victim had pulled a knife out.

My friend told me that Roger Leslie and the victim's husband were involved in a plan to hurt the victim. I was only made aware of this after the events in question to which I refer.

Signed T Emmanuel
7 December 2006

The following day, after being shown evidence by police of incriminating mobile phone calls on the night of the murder, Mr Emmanuel decided to name his "friend" - Jason Jones - as the man responsible for killing Nisha. He went on to make a statement in which he said Jones had been using his mobile phone to talk to Leslie on the night of the murder.

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