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House trashed after radio 'shout'
A police officer
Police had to use dogs to clear the house of revellers

Hundreds of drunken gatecrashers swarmed into a birthday party after the event was broadcast on BBC Radio 1.

Uninvited revellers stormed into a house in Bovey Tracey, Devon belonging to Rebecca Brooks, 54, and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The fancy dress disco party was held to celebrate the 18th birthday of Mrs Brooks' daughter Sarah.

There were 100 invited guests but hundreds turned up after someone gave a "shout out" on Radio 1.

Four bouncers hired by the family were unable to handle the crowds at the party, held at Colehayes Park at Bovey Tracey, on the edge of Dartmoor.

Police eventually cleared the house with dogs, but were pelted with glass.

'Rave situation'

Mrs Brooks said someone called the radio show with details of the party.

She said: "I blame the BBC for this. We are considering our options.

"It was terrifying, absolutely terrifying. The droves of people coming towards the house was frightening, it looked like we had a rock festival here.

"They left a complete mess, with broken glass everywhere and pictures off the wall and broken - it was a rave situation," she said.

Mrs Brooks' husband Bill, 75, said he could not claim on his insurance because of the effect it would have on the premium.

Devon and Cornwall Police said a number of people were arrested, but were unable to say whether anyone had been charged.

Longer extract of the 'shouts' from Pete Tong's Friday show

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