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'Public support' Iraq war tribute
Queen and Country by Steve McQueen
The stamps are on display at the Imperial War Museum
Two-thirds of the British public think not enough is being done to recognise the sacrifice of armed forces personnel killed in Iraq, a survey suggests.

The Art Fund charity says there is also support for issuing a series of stamps, dedicated to each person who has died, by official war artist Steve McQueen.

Among the 2,082 adults it surveyed in January, 70% backed such an idea.

The Royal Mail has so far declined the idea of issuing the stamps, saying a period of reflection is needed.

Mr McQueen has created the stamps in his work Queen and Country, each dedicated to a member of the armed forces who has lost their life in Iraq.

He is now calling for Royal Mail to issue them for public use.

I think putting the stamps into circulation is the most fitting way to honour the troops who died
Steve McQueen

According to the survey for The Art Fund, seven out of 10 Britons think the stamps would be a fitting way to pay tribute to the 175 British servicemen and women killed in Iraq since the conflict began in 2003.

David Barrie, director of The Art Fund, said: "I very much hope Royal Mail will recognise the strength of support for the issue of the stamps, coming as it does both from the relatives of those who have lost their lives in Iraq and from the wider British public."

A Royal Mail spokesman said that the role and sacrifice of Britain's servicemen and women played a key role in its special stamps programme every year.

But he said Royal Mail believed that "a period of reflection would be required to do justice to a subject of such gravity as the current and ongoing conflict in Iraq, and any other conflict".

An online petition to make the stamps public has been organised by The Art Fund and the Queen and Country exhibition is on display at London's Imperial War Museum.

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