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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 March 2008, 20:54 GMT
Fight against litter 'must go on'
The report covered the period before the smoking ban came in
More needs to be done to tackle litter on England's streets, Environment Minister Jonathan Shaw has said.

It follows the release of a report which found cigarette ends were the largest source of litter in England.

The annual survey, commissioned by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, found cigarette ends at 78% of the sites it surveyed in 2006-7.

It also found that fast food litter was unchanged from last year but there were drops in graffiti and dog fouling.

Fast food litter was found at 24% of sites, unchanged from the previous
London recorded a large drop in graffiti (16-10%)
The North West recorded only a 1% improvement on last year
The South East performed best across all survey categories

Mr Shaw said: "We know too that local authorities are using the new powers we've given them to tackle the problem. Fixed Penalty Notices are up, and fine payment rates are up.

"They are doing more to remove the offending litter and keep the streets clean. "This survey shows that we are making progress in some areas. But there is much room for improvement and we can't let up in the battle against this blight.

"Litter is caused by a handful of people who really don't care that the problem they create costs everyone money to sort out and impacts on the quality of life for all of us."

He said the survey had covered the period before the smoking ban came into effect and that the level of cigarette litter was still high.

"It's important that we redouble efforts to crack down on those who think it's OK to use the pavement as an ashtray," he added.

"The only thing that creates litter is people, and the minority who choose to drop it on the ground rather than put it in a bin have no excuse for their behaviour."

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