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Last Updated: Monday, 3 March 2008, 23:13 GMT
Man held for jet-lag drugs 'free'
Cat Le-Huy
Cat Le-Huy was held in Dubai for alleged drug possession
A British resident detained in Dubai for carrying jet-lag tablets is to be released, a friend has said.

Cat Le-Huy, 31, a German citizen who works for TV producer Endemol UK, was held as he entered Dubai in January.

As well as melatonin pills, police later found what they alleged to be 0.03 grams of cannabis in his bag, his friend Radha Stirling said.

Mr Le-Huy denied carrying drugs. Dubai's department of public prosecutions has now dropped the case.

Ms Stirling, who had been campaigning for Mr Le-Huy's release, said she was "delighted" by the news - which was "the best outcome we could have hoped for".

"We are very grateful to everyone who has helped including his family, friends, colleagues, Endemol and the general public," she said.

"The support has been overwhelming and we are overjoyed by the positive outcome."

Mr Le-Huy would not be deported and was free to enter or leave the United Arab Emirates at his leisure, she said.

Melatonin pills are sold over the counter in the US and Dubai.

Travellers have been warned that poppy seeds in food, common over-the-counter medications and traces of banned substances are enough to warrant four-year prison sentences in the United Arab Emirates.

Mr Le-Huy is head of technology at Endemol UK. He lived in Germany and Australia before moving to Britain 10 years ago.

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