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In quotes: Surgeon on Diana affair

The jury at Princess Diana's inquest has been hearing from her former lover, heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. Here are some highlights from his statement, originally made to the police in September 2004.


I was always extremely busy at work during the week, but at the weekends I had more time to spend doing my rounds on the wards.

Diana and her girlfriends would often pop in and, when I had finished my rounds, they would join me for a chat.

I found Diana very down to earth and she made everyone feel at ease. I did notice that she was also very flirtatious with everyone.

Over a period of time, we became good friends. We were chatting one day and I mentioned that I needed to go to my uncle's house in Stratford-upon-Avon to pick up some books.

I did not think for one minute that she would say yes, but I asked her if she would like to come with me. I was very surprised when she said she would.

We drove there together and Diana met my aunt and uncle. We had dinner in a restaurant and then drove back to London.

After this, our friendship turned into a relationship.


Diana and I had a very good relationship with no personal problems.

During our relationship, I stayed with Diana many times at Kensington Palace and she also stayed with me at my place.

We had a normal sexual relationship and I have no reason to think that Diana was ever unfaithful to me.

Diana introduced me to princes William and Harry. Diana just wanted her sons to know what was happening in her life.

Diana and I were very good friends and we never took what the other said that seriously.


Although we did talk about marriage, we did not make a point of sitting down and discussing the specifics. Neither of us ever proposed.

My main concern about us getting married was that my life would be hell because of who she was.

I knew I would not be able to live a normal life and, if we ever had children together, I would not be able to take them anywhere or do normal things with them.

I know that around the end of 1996 or the beginning of 1997, Diana asked Paul Burrell to talk to a priest about the feasibility of us getting married in secret.

When I found out, I said to Diana, 'Do you honestly think you can just bring a priest here and get married?' I thought it was a ridiculous idea.


We never discussed having children, either married or unmarried, but Diana did mention that she would love to have a girl.

During our relationship, Diana was taking the contraceptive pill... as far as I am aware, the pill was prescribed to Diana because of our relationship and for no other reason.

I would also be extremely surprised if she was pregnant when she died as she had been seeing Dodi for only a short time. We were together for two years and she was always very particular about taking her contraceptive pills.

Had she been pregnant, she would definitely have told somebody.


The only problem we did have was with the media and the only place we could have any real privacy was at Kensington Palace as they could not get to us there.

The media followed me everywhere, even to my place of work at Harefield Hospital.

Diana was very protective towards me and wanted to shield me from the attention.

The media found out about us around November 1995, very soon after our relationship started.

I think they had already guessed we were seeing each other, but then someone working at the hospital leaked it out.

After this, the press went everywhere trying to get information on me. They visited old girlfriends, my medical school and retired professors who I had known.

I told her that the only way I could see us having a vaguely normal life together would be if we went to Pakistan, as the press don't bother you there.

I know Diana considered this an option for a while and she even went to Pakistan to speak to Jemima Khan about life there.


Anyone could approach me, in the pub, on the train, anywhere.

Diana was not in the same position as me. She did not have a job like mine where she had to consider patients and staff.

The hospital I was working in at the time had started getting a bit upset by the disruption caused by Diana's visits. It was becoming a security issue.

Diana was also not used to doing everyday things that the rest of us take for granted.

For example, we once went to the pub together and Diana asked if she could order the drinks because she had never done so before. She really enjoyed the experience and chatted away happily to the barman.


I would describe Diana as an excellent time and appointment keeper, excellent with her boys and a kind person.

I know she had personal problems but I think that is understandable as she had been through so much.

Emotionally she felt she was still young. She wanted a husband to be there for her, to have a normal relationship with him.

In the last year of her life, Diana was just like any other normal person.

The only worries she had were about her boys, as any mother would.

I would say that Diana had been emotionally hurt in the past, but I never saw in her anything to suggest that she was mentally unstable.

She had been traumatised by her mother leaving and became very close to her father afterwards.


I would say that Diana was concerned about her safety, but was not paranoid about it.

Diana was convinced that Barry Mannakee, who had been one of her protection officers, was murdered in a motorbike accident.

I asked her if she had had an affair with Barry Mannakee and she said he had looked after her very well.

Diana felt that it was not normal for a motorbike to have a head-on collision with a truck. I told her that these things do happen.

Diana said that following the Panorama interview, she had been told that there was an eavesdropping centre somewhere in the UK.

I would be very naive to think that MI5 or MI6 did not have an interest in me because of my relationship with the Princess of Wales.

I really did not think that I was ever under any threat from the authorities.

During my relationship with Diana, I did receive a lot of anonymous threats.

I have received envelopes containing cut-out pictures of me together with a noose around my neck.


She had originally been good friends with Sarah Ferguson, but they had fallen out by the time she died.

I think she had got over Charles's affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and also Tiggy Legge-Bourke's closeness with princes William and Harry, which she had initially found difficult to accept.

Although we never discussed her relationship with Prince Charles, I do believe she had got over their separation.

As far as other members of the Royal Family are concerned, Diana was always very complimentary about the Queen.

Although she did not like the Duke of Edinburgh, she never expressed any fear of him.


I know that Mohamed Al Fayed had asked Diana many times to go on holiday with him and his family.

He used to send her presents. On one occasion he sent her two computers for the princes.

When Diana went to St Tropez with Mr Al Fayed, everything was fine between us.

After a few days, I felt something was wrong. Her mobile kept going on to answer phone.

When I did eventually speak to her, unbeknown to me, she had returned from her holiday with Mohamed Al Fayed, had been at home for either one or two nights and had then gone off to Paris.


When you know someone very well, you know when something is not right and that is how I felt when I spoke to her.

When we did meet up in Battersea Park, she was not her normal self and she kept looking at her mobile phone.

I told her that I thought she had met somebody else and it must be someone from Mohamed Al Fayed's contingent.

I was surprised when she denied to me that there was anyone else.

It was at [a] second meeting that Diana told me that it was all over between us.

I told her that I strongly suspected there was someone else and I remember saying to her at the time 'You are dead', meaning her reputation was dead.

It was only when I heard the news on the radio that I learned about Dodi.


I think she wanted to be with someone who was happy to be seen with her in public and she could do that with Dodi.

I suppose it is possible that Diana was trying to make me jealous, but I do not believe that was the entire reason she was doing it.

I think that when she had gone away on the boat she had felt protected and thought she would wait and see what happened with Dodi.

I think she would have thought things through very carefully before deciding to get married to Dodi.


Personally, I think it was a tragic accident, but I am very surprised that she was not wearing a seat-belt at the time.

She was always very particular about putting her seat-belt on.

The other thing I find strange is that [royal butler] Paul Burrell said she didn't have her mobile phone or purse with her at the time of the crash and this is very much out of character.

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