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'We captured earthquake on video'
Earthquake video
The students started to feel the ground under their feet move

The UK's biggest earthquake for nearly 25 years shook homes across large parts of the country. Two students captured the tremor on a mobile phone while up playing computer games.

University student Andrew Redfern was videoing his friends playing Wii tennis at a house in Doncaster, South Yorkshire when the earthquake struck.

The 21-year-old is a photography student at Nottingham Trent University. He was one of four students who had stayed on after a birthday party at the terraced house in the Intake area of the town.

Mr Redfern was filming at the time to try and prove the game was not working properly.

He said: "We were having a bit of a laugh after the party trying to play Wii tennis , when we heard a low rumbling noise.

"It's difficult to know how to describe it... then we started to feel the ground under our feet moving.

Looking back on it now it's more disbelief than anything. We are all amused that we were together and filming at the time
Andrew Redfern

"A glass on the windowsill fell onto the floor and smashed and a clock fell off the wall and ended up breaking. The hands don't stand up now and are now permanently stuck on half past six."

In the video Andrew Watson, 21, is on the right and Chris Hale is on the left just after the quake strikes. Nicola Etchell - who had been celebrating her 21st birthday earlier in the evening - is in the background

"We were surprised more than anything and had no idea what it was at first," said Mr Redfern.

"We tried to switch the Wii to the television to find out what was going on.

"It was only five minutes later that we started getting messages from people we'd been with earlier in the evening and friends from our universities that we realised what had happened."

Andrew who knows his three friends in the video from Nottingham Trent and Stafford Universities, says he finds it hard to believe the earthquake actually happened.

"Looking back on it now it's more disbelief than anything. We are all amused that we were together and filming at the time," he said.

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