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Last Updated: Sunday, 24 February 2008, 05:36 GMT
Call for Speaker Martin to resign
Amid the latest controversy engulfing the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Mail on Sunday tells him to "show some dignity and go swiftly".

The Observer says there will be considerable pressure on Michael Martin to stand down of his own accord after the resignation of his spokesman.

The Sunday Times speaks of him fighting to save his political career.

The News of the World declares Mr Martin to be the worst Speaker in the history of the Commons.

Alcohol warning

There are more stark warnings on some of the front pages about the dangers of excessive drinking.

The Independent on Sunday says a forthcoming Home Office report will confirm the 24-hour licensing laws have not driven down alcohol-fuelled crime.

The Observer says women in their 30s and 40s are to be the target of a new anti-drinking campaign.

It says ministers have approved graphic adverts warning that excessive drinking can lead to breast cancer or liver failure.

Oscars excitement

Excitement over the Oscars is building ahead of the upcoming ceremony.

There are pictures of the British hopefuls, including Julie Christie and Daniel Day Lewis.

But the Mail on Sunday also takes a detailed look at the coveted golden statuettes presented to the Academy Award winners.

They start life almost 2,000 miles from Tinseltown in the workshops of a company in Chicago, where they go through a 17-stage production process.

Brucie bonus

The People focuses on that perennial star of Saturday night entertainment, Bruce Forsyth.

It reports that the host of Strictly Come Dancing, who has just turned 80, will get a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours in June.

According to the People, the rules say knighthoods should go to people who have gone the extra mile.

It says after 55 years on TV there is no doubt Brucie ticks that box.

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