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Point-by-point: Al Fayed's claims
Mohamed Al Fayed
Mr Al Fayed said Diana knew Royals "were trying to get rid of her"

Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed has appeared before a coroner outlining the conspiracy which he believed was hatched to kill his son Dodi and Princess Diana in August 1997.

Mr Al Fayed claimed that:

  • The car crash in which Diana, Dodi and their driver, Henri Paul, were "murdered" was orchestrated by MI6 on the instructions of the Duke of Edinburgh

  • Britain is not really a democracy, but is controlled from behind the scenes by Prince Philip, the Lord Chamberlain and an organisation called the Way Ahead group "who decide the destiny of this country"

  • The murder was carried out at the behest of the security services by photographer James Andanson, who has since died, by using a strobe light to blind Mr Paul

  • Mr Andanson was later murdered by British security services

  • The then-prime minister, Tony Blair, was part of the plot

  • British and French security services employees may have been part of the ambulance crew that took Diana to hospital to ensure she bled to death. A hospital which could have treated her was 10 minutes from the site of the crash, Mr Al Fayed said, but she was not taken to another medical building for an hour

  • Robert Fellowes, the Princess's brother-in-law and at the time the Queen's then-private secretary, was at the British Embassy in Paris prior to the accident and took control of the building's communication centre to contact GCHQ

  • Sir Michael Jay, at that time the British ambassador to France, was also involved in the conspiracy

  • The CIA also took part by tapping mobile phones

  • Princess Diana told Mr Al Fayed personally that "she knew Prince Philip and Prince Charles were trying to get rid of her"

  • Prince Philip was a "Nazi" and a "racist", and his real name "ends with Frankenstein"

  • Diana's divorce lawyer, Lord Mishcon, wrote a note in October 1995 outlining her fears that there was a plot to kill her in a car crash. Lord Mishcon passed this to police after the crash

  • But it was only after the princess's ex-butler, Paul Burrell, produced a note from the princess making similar allegations in the Daily Mirror in October 2003 that the Metropolitan Police agreed to hand over the note to the inquest

  • Diana and Dodi told Mr Al Fayed one hour before the crash that she was pregnant and that the couple would announce their engagement days later. Mr Burrell was also told

  • Dodi told Mr Al Fayed: "I bought the ring"

  • But once the security services - who were bugging their phones - learned of their plans, the decision was taken to have them assassinated

  • Diana told Mr Al Fayed that she had kept a wooden box, and if anything were to happen to her the contents of the box must be made public

  • Mr Burrell and Diana's sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, had promised to keep this box safe, but failed to do so

  • Mr Paul was in the pay of MI6, as was Diana's close friend Rosa Monckton

  • Blood supposedly taken from the body of Mr Paul in a Paris mortuary after the crash - which appeared to show the driver had been drinking - was not really his

  • Professors Lecomte and Pepin at the mortuary were employed by French intelligence to switch the samples and assist the cover-up

  • In addition, mortuary staff took Diana's "guts out to really completely falsify the body" and conceal that she was pregnant. She was embalmed to "corrupt the body"

  • The former home secretary, Jack Straw, was acting on the orders of "dark forces" when he refused Mr Al Fayed a passport

  • Bodyguard Trevor Rees - the only survivor of the Paris crash - was "turned against" Mr Al Fayed by MI6, as were his colleagues Kes Wingfield and Ben Murrell

  • Mr Wingfield was lying when he said Mr Al Fayed had approved a plan to use a decoy and for Diana and Dodi to leave by the back door of the Ritz hotel in Paris

  • The security services rewarded Mr Rees for his involvement in the plot with an appointment as head of security for the United Nations in East Timor

  • Journalists working for the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday, The Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph - acting on the instructions of MI6 - have all been engaged in a campaign to destabilise Mr Al Fayed's businesses as a punishment for speaking out against the conspiracy

  • Diana's relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan was "not serious". Mr Al Fayed said she would never marry someone who "lived in a council flat and has no money"

  • Lord Stevens, the former Met police chief who conducted a report into the princess's death, was influenced by the establishment to conclude Diana's death was an accident

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