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Spielberg action: China reaction
Steven Spielberg
People from China have contacted the BBC website to give their thoughts on the decision by Hollywood director Steven Spielberg to withdraw his services from the Beijing Olympics. You can read a selection of their comments below.

Xin, Beijing

I live in China. I support Spielberg's decision, but not his protest. I understand some western people cannot tolerate a peaceful and friendly Olympic games in Beijing. But using the Darfur problem to boycott it is not right.

The tragedy in Sudan did not come from the oil trade, but from the conflict between black Darfurians and Arabs. I hope they can understand the complexity first before simply picking on China for the responsibility.

Please do boycott the Olympics - I dont want the west bringing political hostility with it here.

Calvin Chu, Hong Kong

I applaud Steven Spielberg making a statement by withdrawing as the artistic adviser, but I think he could've also spoken of his concerns about human rights in China.

China can't be blamed for Darfur much more than the other big nations like the US, Britain etc. Yes, China is Sudan's biggest trading partner. China needs the oil just like how the US turns a blind eye to some of the human rights violations of its allies.

Nevertheless, Spielberg is heroic in risking his future commercial interests.

Li, Shanghai

Let's see if he'll boycott the London Olympics for the UK's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What do westerners really know about China besides western propaganda on human right issues, Tibet, freedom of speech, etc?

On the Darfur issue, I think there's a difference in thinking between China and the west. China does not believe in the high moral stuffs that the west likes to talk about.

China sees all that as just a way to hide the west's true ambitions for Africa's resources.

John Hunt-Sun, Beijing

Mr. Spielberg's behavior is inappropriate. Complex China has many groups of people. Those who prepare the Olympics are different from those who decide Darfur policy. This behavior is rude.

It can only be interpreted as hostility against China - as a whole. The feelings of the Chinese people are hurt.

Tony Yamaguchi, Shanghai

I do not support Spielberg's protest. It is very politically incorrect!

I cannot believe some people are being negative towards the Olympic Games being held in Beijing. Many people are extremely prejudiced towards China and the Chinese people.

China just wants to give the world a great Olympic Games. Take it, or leave it.

Please stop being narrow minded, mean and malicious towards China!

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