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Last Updated: Sunday, 10 February 2008, 05:20 GMT
Sundays continue archbishop row
Criticism continues in the press for Dr Rowan Williams over his remarks about the adoption in the UK of aspects of Sharia law.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that some senior religious leaders claim Sharia law and multiculturalism are "disastrous" and socially divisive.

According to the Independent on Sunday Dr Williams is facing calls for resignation from within his own church.

The News of the World says he is out of tune with his Church and his country.

Veteran victory

The Sunday Mirror says Britain's nuclear test veterans have won a victory more than 50 years after being exposed to radiation.

The Defence Minister, Derek Twigg, has reportedly agreed in principle to fund an independent study into their health and that of their children and grandchildren.

The Sunday Times says scientists are to offer DNA tests to show men if they are at risk of prostate cancer.

This move, the paper says, could save thousands of lives.

Blind British children are to be taught a pioneering bat-style echolocation technique to visualise their surroundings, the paper also says.

It suggests the children learn how to build up detailed images of the world by clicking their tongue.

They then interpret the sound as it echoes back.

Lives online

Meanwhile, says the Mail on Sunday, contract bidders are being asked by the London Development Agency are asked how many homosexuals and transsexuals they employ.

The Independent reports on a court case involving an American insurance company in New Jersey.

In defending its refusal to pay out a claim, the firm will appeal to "confessions" in personal online postings, including MySpace, Bebo and Facebook.

The Mirror says England boss Fabio Capello has been dubbed the Godfather by England players.

This is because he covers his mouth to have secret conversations, a similar technique to Mafia Dons in movies.

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