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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 February 2008, 07:05 GMT
Super Tuesday 'not that super'
Mastheads of the national newspapers
For many of the papers, the "Super Tuesday" of US presidential election primaries ended in a disappointing stalemate.

For the Financial Times, the sweep of primaries in the race to be chosen as the Republican or Democrat election candidate was "not so Super Tuesday".

It was, the Independent declares, super stalemate. It wonders who is now ahead in the nomination scramble.

The Express predicts that the Democrat contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will go to the wire.

Fabio scores

England's win at Wembley against Switzerland prompted cautious praise for the team's new manager, Fabio Capello, from several papers.

The game was a "fab" start for the new manager, according to the Mirror.

After his efforts to instil classroom discipline in his players, a number of the papers give him a mortar board and assess the performance of his "pupils".

The Sun gives Fabio Capello "a B for starters", but says at least his reign is off to a winning start.

Grange Hill mourned

The BBC's decision to end long-running children's series Grange Hill is widely reported and mourned in some quarters.

The show was, the Independent says, compulsory tea-time viewing for a generation of teenagers.

But the Mail says the series, which featured hard-hitting stories, no longer strikes a chord because life in many schools is even worse.

For the Times, the school's closure is a final victory for Tucker and his tearaway chums.

'Sickest show'

The front of the Independent shows an Afghan student who has been sentenced to death for reading and distributing material on women's rights.

The paper says US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has promised to raise his case with President Karzai.

Meanwhile, the Mail is shocked and upset by a picture of a lion riding on horseback at a zoo in China.

It was, the newspaper says, the sickest show on earth.

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