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Bus stop killer's chain of violence
Levi Bellfield, 39, has been convicted of murdering two young women and trying to kill another.

A jury failed to reach verdicts on charges relating to attacks on two other women, but he is likely to face questioning over attacks on 20 other females, including the murder of 13-year-old Milly Dowler.

The murders and attacks detailed at his trial took place in the south-west London area, dating back to 2001.

Irma DragoshiKate SheedyAnna-Maria RennieMarsha McDonnellAmelie DelagrangeMilly Dowler

Marsha McDonnell - Murdered yards from her home.

Marsha McDonnell
Marsha McDonnell had been on a night out with friends

Marsha McDonnell, 19, was killed near her home in Hampton after being hit over the head with a lump hammer.

Miss McDonnell was yards from her front door after a night at the cinema when she was hit three times on the back of the head. She died in hospital the following day.

She took the 111 bus after an evening with friends in Kingston and got off shortly after midnight to walk home to the quiet, residential road where she lived near Kempton racecourse, the court heard.

She was brutally attacked moments after she got off the bus and was found suffering severe head injuries by neighbours who heard screams.

Kate Sheedy - Survived being deliberately run-over

Kate Sheedy
Kate Sheedy suffered serious injuries after being run over

Kate Sheedy, then 18, was mown down and left for dead by a people carrier while walking home from a night out.

After getting off a bus in Isleworth, she became suspicious of the vehicle that was parked in a side road, and crossed over the road to avoid it.

The white Toyota Previa then drove towards her, knocked her down, and reversed back over her.

She tried to crawl home in pain. When she could go on no further she rang her mother and an ambulance from her mobile phone.

She suffered a broken collarbone, a collapsed lung and internal injuries. Her injuries were life threatening.

She remains mentally and physically scarred, the court heard.

Amelie Delagrange - Murdered with a blunt object

Amelie Delagrange at work at the Maison Blanc delicatessen
Miss Delagrange came to London to improve her English

Amelie Delagrange, 22, died after being hit over the head with a blunt object as she crossed Twickenham Green.

The court heard she missed her stop after taking a bus home from an evening out with friends in the town.

She walked back up Hampton Road, and as she took a short-cut across the green she was hit over the head with a blunt object.

She was found lying in a pool of blood by a police officer.

Irma Dragoshi - Survived hammer attack.

Miss Dragoshi, then 36, and from Hounslow, was hit over the head with a blunt instrument. She survived, but has been left with amnesia.

The Albanian-born hairdresser was assaulted as she waited at a bus stop in Longford, West Drayton.

The court was told Bellfield got out of a nearby vehicle, ran over, and attacked her with a blunt instrument. But the jury could not reach a verdict on whether he was guilty of her attempted murder.

Sunil Gharu, an associate of Bellfield, said he was in a car with him when he got out saying "watch this" and attacked Ms Dragoshi.

Ms Dragoshi has no recollection of the incident and has been diagnosed with temporary amnesia.

Anna-Maria Rennie - Survived an attempted abduction.

Anna-Marie Rennie
Anna-Marie Rennie fought off her attacker

Then 17, Anna-Maria was walking home after a row with her boyfriend when Bellfield allegedly approached her and tried to shove her into a car. But the jury could not agree verdicts on charges of kidnap and false imprisonment.

Anna-Maria was at a bus stop in Twickenham at about 2330 when the car pulled up behind her.

She turned around to see two men in a dark-blue Ford Mondeo, and the one in the passenger seat get out and walk towards her.

The court heard that after Miss Rennie tried to walk away after refusing an offer of a lift from the man, he grabbed her in both arms and tried to bundle her into the car.

Terrified by the ordeal, she kicked and struggled violently, and managed to break free. She then ran home.

Milly Dowler - Also murdered by Bellfield?

Milly Dowler
Police are investigating whether Bellfield killed Milly Dowler

It has now emerged that police also believe Bellfield may have murdered 13-year-old Amanda Dowler.

She had got a train home from school and visited a cafe at Walton-on-Thames railway station before leaving for home.

She called her father on a friend's mobile at 1547 and set off towards her house 18 minutes later. But she never arrived.

Her body was discovered six months later by a couple picking mushrooms in Yateley Heath Woods, near Fleet in Hampshire.

Police have since appealed for a car, a red Daewoo Nexia, which was spotted on CCTV which was seen near where she vanished.

They believe it was driven by her killer.

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