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'I'm happy in this country'
Aram says he is enjoying living in London and plays football every week
As the government announces that unaccompanied youngsters - denied the right to stay in this country - will now be deported, Aram, who came to Britain from Armenia, tells in his own words the story of his journey to the UK.

My name is Aram. I am 16 years old. I came in this country 10 months ago.

When I came in this country, someone take me to social services. They take me to Refugee Council.

In a hotel, I stay nearly two weeks. And in that two weeks, I was getting everything I need in social care. After two to three weeks, a lady called me. A Russian lady was interpreting.

They talked to me and they were very rude to me. I asked for water because I felt bad when I was talking about my life.

They said they had no water. It was very hard for me. After two hours, I was feeling very bad, they go out - after 15 minutes they said 'we think you're 18 years old'.

And they take me to [word unintelligible] and I was crying so much, I didn't know where to go or what to do.

Aram playing football
Authorities say children will only be deported if it is safe to do so

After that a man took me to a hotel and it was very hard for me because I don't know how to cook, I don't know how to look after myself and I was very bad. I was crying too much and I tried to do bad things to me, I was scared too much.

So after that I made Refugee Council - I was coming here all the time, I live here because they never leave me. And I am very happy for them, because this is my family - a very big family.

I like people, I love people - I'm very happy in this country, because this country is peace - no-one attacks no-one, everybody lives, no-one can take your life for nothing.

And I'm very happy for these people, because these people they help me so much.

I'm very young and I want to be useful. I don't want to be very bad people, I want to help people because I can. I don't want to waste time sitting at home. I decided to come and help them, so I want to be very useful.

I don't like war, I don't like when people die. I like this country too much, because in this country people don't die. In this country I learnt to play football - I went to Refugee Council team in Kennington Park [south London]. Every Friday we're playing football and I'm very happy for this.

I love books, I have two library cards. I'm learning English and I'm learning books.


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