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Call to regulate household CCTV
CCTV camera
A home CCTV camera helped to convict the killers of Garry Newlove
The law needs to be updated to regulate the growing number of household CCTV cameras, a human rights group has said.

More people are installing their own devices to deter vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Liberty says legislation is needed to take this into account, particularly where the cameras monitor public places such as parks and pavements.

In one case, images from a neighbour's CCTV helped to convict three teenagers who kicked to death a father-of-three.

Garry Newlove, 47, died after he confronted a gang outside his home in Warrington, Cheshire, in August 2007.

If you don't do something about it nobody else will.
"Joe", Glasgow

Retailer Maplin says its sales of cameras, monitors and recorders have gone up 265% in the past five years.

One man - who lives near Glasgow bought a camera after his car, parked behind his house, was vandalised by a gang of drunken teenagers.

The man, who wants to be known as "Joe", said: " They used to hang around in crowds at the shops - now they just veer clear because of the camera.

"It's a case of looking after your own property, if you don't do something about it nobody else will."

Data protection

But Gareth Crossman from Liberty said: " Not many people know that if their camera looks onto public or a neighbour's property they are bound by the data protection act and they must comply with some very severe restrictions."

The police, too, say CCTV cameras need to be used properly - otherwise they may not be able to be used in evidence , and their images could be challenged in court.

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