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Last Updated: Friday, 18 January 2008, 14:36 GMT
Police staff get full pay award
Police community support officer
There are about 11,500 PCSOs working in England and Wales
More than 70,000 police support staff in England and Wales, including 11,500 community support officers (PCSOs), have accepted a 2.5% pay deal.

The pay rise will be backdated to September, in contrast to that offered to regular police officers.

The home secretary refused to backdate the officers' 2.5% rise, effectively reducing it to 1.9% over this year.

Support staff union Unison backed the deal - but said it was wrong to treat the groups differently.

Unison said it had encouraged civilian staff and PCSOs to accept the deal as it was the best that could be achieved through negotiation.

The Home Office said it was not responsible for setting the pay of police staff and did not support the offer.

'Hard decision'

Police staff make up almost 40% of police personnel and include 999 call handlers, fingerprint and forensic officers, custody officers, intelligence analysts and witness care teams.

Police staff work side by side with officers and make up an essential part of the law enforcement team
Ben Priestley, Unison

Ben Priestley, Unison national officer, said staff and PCSOs were "100% behind police officers" in their pay dispute.

Unison said support staff and PCSOs would attend the Police Federation's rally in London on 23 January to protest over pay.

"Police staff work side by side with officers and make up an essential part of the law enforcement team," Mr Priestley said.

"The government is wrong to treat police officers and staff differently."

A Home Office spokesman said: "The Police Staff Council is responsible for setting the pay of police staff, including Police Community Support Officers.

"The Home Secretary has no statutory role in making that decision.

"The Home Office does not support the Police Staff Council employer side offer as it will not produce an outcome that is consistent with affordability and UK government pay policy."

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