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Last Updated: Friday, 18 January 2008, 07:31 GMT
Hiker calls 'stretching' rescuers
Walkers in Snowdonia
Mountain Rescue says increasing numbers of people are hiking
Emergency teams from Mountain Rescue say inexperienced hikers are stretching their services to breaking point.

The organisation says there is a rising problem with people without the correct equipment or who cannot read a map.

It is thought a steady rise in call-outs has been fuelled by increasing numbers of people hiking.

Rescuers in England and Wales are asking walkers to prepare properly, check the weather and make sure it is an emergency before dialling 999.

Dinner party

Some of the reasons walkers have called the emergency number and asked for Mountain Rescue include "my push-chair's stuck" and "I'm tired and fed up".

One couple wanted a helicopter because they were late for a dinner party.

Mountain Rescue is a charity staffed by volunteers with day jobs and in some areas it is struggling to cope.

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