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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 January 2008, 04:33 GMT
Hain deemed to be 'damaged goods'
There is no let up for beleaguered Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain as the row over donations he received rumbles on.

"Hain must go. No ifs, no buts," the Independent on Sunday declares in its leader. "'I was busy' is not an excuse normally accepted by a court," it adds.

Even if Mr Hain "survives such a murky episode, he will be damaged goods", the News of the World says.

"In the longer term, Mr Hain's career in government looks over," predicts the Sunday Times.

'Wasted life'

The Sunday Telegraph leads with news that Gordon Brown has backed plans for an opt-out system of organ donation.

The paper agrees that more donors are vital, but warns that care is needed to ensure the system is not "coercive, intrusive, or otherwise objectionable".

The Observer, on the other hand, says such "presumed consent" is "vital" and is launching a campaign to press for it.

"No one should be forced to give up their organs, but equally, a wasted life that would have been willingly saved is a tragedy," it says.

Fake TV crews

The Sunday Express claims a front page exclusive about a foiled al-Qaeda plot to blow up the Queen.

It says terrorists posing as TV crews were planning a "devastating" attack on the Commonwealth summit in Uganda attended by the Queen last year.

The Sunday Mirror says the parents of Madeleine McCann plan to return to Portugal "for a showdown" with police who continue to view them as suspects.

The couple's spokesman said the police treatment of them had been "inhumane".

Freedom 'cost'

Kenny Richey, the Edinburgh-born man who spent 21 years on death row in the US, appears in the papers.

He tells the Mail on Sunday: "It is a heart-stopping moment when you wake up on the day designated to be your last on Earth."

Now a free man, Mr Richey talks more light-heartedly to the People about the returning to normal life.

The paper says he is "stuck in a time warp" and "nearly fell of his stool when we told him the price of a pint".

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