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Last Updated: Friday, 11 January 2008, 07:16 GMT
New nuclear plans trigger debate
Daily newspapers
The government's go-ahead for a new generation of nuclear power stations has provoked feverish discussion and analysis in the newspapers.

The Times says British and French companies are already vying for a share of the 36bn construction programme.

The Daily Telegraph believes it is difficult to see what other decision the cabinet could have taken.

It says the only unfortunate thing - from a climate change perspective - is that it was not taken six years ago.

Nuclear fallout

The Independent warns that building new nuclear power stations will be twice as expensive as has been predicted.

The Daily Mail highlights the expense of dealing with the nuclear waste. It estimates household bills will rise by 200 a year to cover the cost.

The Guardian questions assurances that there will not be any subsidies.

The paper says it has found what it describes as financial sweeteners in the small print of the white paper.

In the money

Several of the newspapers are incensed by Tony Blair's acceptance of a lucrative job as a part-time adviser to the American bank, JP Morgan Chase.

The Daily Express says the part-time, 10,000-a-week job will put him on course to be the highest-earning former prime minister in history.

The Daily Telegraph says Mr Blair's actual salary will be nearer 2m a year.

And the Times points out that he will be allowed to lobby the government on behalf of the bank.

Redknapp ruminations

The back pages are filled with speculation about whether Harry Redknapp will be moving to Newcastle United.

The Daily Mirror says he is 60 to 40 in favour of leaving Portsmouth and taking on the biggest challenge of his career.

Harry's in Toon turmoil, runs the Daily Mail headline, and the Sun says he is being offered 20m to make the move.

But the Independent thinks Newcastle will be in for a battle as Portsmouth have signalled they will fight to retain their much-valued manager.

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