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Last Updated: Monday, 7 January 2008, 16:22 GMT
Travellers stoic over baggage confusion
By Sarah Bell
BBC News, Stansted Airport

Angelle Bryan
Angelle Bryan was taking the new baggage rules in her stride
New rules on what hand baggage can be taken onto flights were introduced on Monday, sparking fears of confusion and chaos at airports.

But it was business as usual at Stansted Airport, where most passengers patiently waiting for flights didn't even know it had happened.

And those who did were coping in typically stoic fashion - saying it was just one of those things a traveller has to live with.

The change, which allows two bags at most UK airports, is doubly confusing at Stansted, where its main airlines - Ryanair and Easyjet - are keeping the one-bag rule.

'Seasoned traveller'

But there were numerous fluorescent-jacketed security officers on hand and a special 'baggage repacking area' to assist anyone who may have been caught out.

Angelle Bryan, flying to Copenhagen, was taking it all in her stride.

Frank McGarry and Jill Beattie
Frank McGarry and Jill Beattie were caught out at Edinburgh airport

"I am a really seasoned traveller, have been travelling for many, many years, you just have to be flexible and be prepared for anything," she said.

Jill Beattie and Frank McGarry were heading to Italy. Their journey had started in Edinburgh where they were caught out.

"When we got to Edinburgh it was still curtailed to one bag, they wouldn't allow us to travel with two, so we had to put my bag in our rucksack," Ms Beattie said.

"It is a bit confusing and would be difficult if you were a family if you thought you could take two bags and then got caught out."

'Very confusing'

Maija Paakkunainen, who was flying home to Finland, said it was very confusing.

She said: "I didn't know whether Ryanair would allow you to take two bags or not. I heard Easyjet was still restricting, so I didn't know what I could bring.

Maija Paakkunainen
The rules were 'confusing', Maija Paakkunainen said

"It is hard to know what is happening. And then Stansted says it's ok to have two bags but Easyjet and Ryanair will only allow you to have one."

Oliver Niebuhr, heading to Marseilles, agreed.

"It used to be I could take two bags with me but now it's just one. If you didn't know you would have to re-pack, which would be inconvenient. It is very helpful to fly with two bags.

"But I didn't see any signs or information about it."

But Ann and Geoffrey Bollons, flying home to Bergerac, were well prepared.

"We read it in the newspapers and saw it on television. It's not been confusing to us as we listen to the news. But I imagine a lot of people could be caught out," Mr Bollons said.

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