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Police to receive criminal cash
360m has been seized from criminals since 2003
Millions of pounds seized from criminals will be shared between police forces in England and Wales.

Constabularies will receive 4.4m from assets seized between July and September last year.

The government scheme allows police and recovery agencies to keep 50 per cent of all the cash that they have seized from criminals.

Police, prosecutors, customs officers and other public agencies will share a total of 15m between them.

Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker, who helped launched the initiative, said: "This is a double win for policing."

"Seizing money from criminals takes the profit out of crime and a share of it goes straight back to the police force that confiscated it to be spent on local crime fighting priorities.

"In just three months the police and other agencies have recovered 30m from criminals. This is a tremendous achievement "
We all want to do more to send out the message that crime doesn't pay
Mick Creedon, Association of Chief Police Officers

Since the Proceeds of Crime Act came into effect in 2003, around 360m has been seized.

Last year, police in England and Wales received 3.8m from the incentive scheme for assets recovered between April and June.

Career criminals

Chief Constable Mick Creedon, of the Association of Chief Police Officers, welcomed the announcement and said he wanted to send out a message to criminals that "crime does not pay".

He said: "The Proceeds of Crime Act has provided a significant opportunity for police forces to take the illegally gained assets from career criminals who have previously benefited from their activities.

"All forces work well with the numerous partner agencies involved in this work and collectively we all want to do more to send out the message that crime doesn't pay."

Other agencies involved in asset recovery include HM Revenue and Customs, Serious Organised Crime Agency, Crown Prosecution Service, Assets Recovery Agency, HM Courts Service, Office of Criminal Justice Reform and the Home Office.

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