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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 January 2008, 06:04 GMT
Kenya crisis in New Year's papers
Daily newspapers
The violence in Kenya following a disputed presidential election occupies some of the New Year's Day papers.

"Kenya on the brink" is how the Guardian describes it, after more than 100 people were killed in clashes.

The Times says the country, usually hailed for its "stability", is sliding into a "bitter new chapter".

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph says Kenya "is the one African country where this shouldn't happen", and calls on the Commonwealth to take action.

'Snow, ice, gales'

The weather provides ammunition for a range of diametrically opposed stories.

The Daily Mail has an unseasonal shot of a field of daffodils in Cornwall, courtesy of the warm "wacky" weather in December.

But in complete contrast, the Times warns of "snow, ice, gales and temperatures of -17C" during the first few days of 2008.

Meteorologist Stephen Davenport tells the paper: "Apocalyptic predictions verging on prophecies of a new Ice Age need to be put into perspective."

Model T Ford

As 2008 dawns, the papers feature twins Betty Richards and Jenny Pelmore, for whom New Year's Day is extra special because it is their 100th birthday.

They have beaten odds of seven hundred million to one to reach the milestone, the Daily Mail reports.

The Sun points out that they were born in the year that Henry Ford produced his first Model T car.

"Life is so much faster now," Betty tells the Daily Express. "But we cope very well."

'Lovely hair'

The wedding of former Doctor Who star Billie Piper and actor Laurence Fox also makes headlines.

The Sun says a host of famous faces joined the party including current time lord David Tennant.

"The bride wore white silk, had lovely hair and had her teary-eyed dad on her arm," according to the Independent.

The Daily Mirror, meanwhile, jokes that the bride "must have thought she'd travelled back in time" when ex-husband and DJ Chris Evans arrived.

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