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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 December 2007, 15:10 GMT
Flooding facts and figures
In a detailed investigation into the causes, impact and legacy of this summer's wide-scale flooding in England and Wales, the Environment Agency has identified a range of conclusions and recommendations.

Map showing some of the rivers worst-hit by the summer floods and their likelihood of suffering similar floods in any given year

It's a complicated mixture of divided responsibilities, unprecedented demand and inadequate resources.

The review also contains a plethora of facts and figures.

Here are some of them.

More than 55,000 homes and businesses flooded.

No early-warning system for 35,000 of them.

Nearly 3 billion insured losses.

Only 41% (276,000) of people eligible for free flood warnings are registered to receive them.

Highest river levels for 60 years.

Wettest May to July for 250 years.

About half the 1,016km (630miles) of flood defences tested by the floods were overwhelmed.

Less than 0.2% physically failed or suffered a breakdown or power failure that prevented them working properly.

Two-thirds of flooded properties were the result of overwhelmed drains and sewers.

More than 1,000 people evacuated from homes in South Yorkshire as a result of damage to the Ulley reservoir and flooding from the River Rother.


Estimated totals, summer 2007

Region Households Businesses Total
East Midlands 4,581 290 4,871
London 1,108 302 1,410
South East 5,896 129 6,025
South West 4,915 1,000 5,915
Welsh Ass 32 4 36
West Midlands 8,450 1,453 9,903
Yorks/ Humberside 23,479 3,718 27,197
Total 48,461 6,896 55,357

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