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Last Updated: Monday, 3 December 2007, 11:58 GMT
2bn 'wasted on pointless gifts'
Generic Christmas present
World Vision is selling 'alternative gifts'
Britons could be wasting 2.3bn a year on unwanted Christmas gifts, a survey for a charity has suggested.

The survey of 1,435 adults for World Vision indicated that more than 75% of respondents wasted up to 50 on unwanted presents.

The charity, which sells "alternative gifts," said this could translate to a national figure of 2.3bn.

But 60% of those who waste the money would rather spend it on themselves than donate it to charity.

The survey also suggested that more than half of men have forgotten what their partner got them last year.

And women were also forgetful of their gifts, with 43.2% unable to recall what they received from their partners.

Festive treats

And one in four (27.4%) had no idea what other presents they received.

According to the World Vision survey, one in four (23.1%) spend up to 300 on festive treats for loved ones.

Some 39% of rejected presents gather dust in cupboards, while 27% are touted on the internet.

World Vision's gifts include 5 mosquito net to combat malaria in Zambia and a 34 toilet to boost hygiene and reduce disease in Sanzukwi, Zimbabwe.

All have been requested by the communities concerned, ensuring every gift is wanted, it said.

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