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Farmers urge Brazilian beef ban
The NFU says Brazilian farmers need more rigorous tracking systems
Farmers are calling for an EU ban on beef imported from Brazil because of foot-and-mouth concerns.

National Farmers Union president Peter Kendall told a union meeting that research showed that cattle records kept in Brazil fell short.

He said rigorous systems to track and check livestock movements were needed to tackle outbreaks of the disease.

The EU has given Brazil until the end of the year to improve standards before it will consider a ban.

Strict standards

Mr Kendall said a recent inspection by the EU's Food and Veterinary Organisation (FVO) revealed breaches of cattle identification regulations in Brazil.

He called on the EU Commission to act on the FVO's findings and impose an immediate ban on Brazilian beef imports until Brazilian authorities have satisfied EU officials they are fully compliant with the rules.

The same strict standards should be applied to both meat produced in the EU and imported meat, he added.

Last month, European MPs demanded action was taken but EU health commissioner Markos Kyprianou gave Brazil until the end of December to improve standards.

Beef farmers face Brazil threat
07 May 06 |  Scotland

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