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Guide to UK fishing industry

Fishermen use different techniques to catch fish in the seas around the UK. These include bottom trawling and pair trawling.

Trawler Lucia and graphic showing how bottom trawling works

Lucia is a 9.9m (33ft) inshore trawler based in the north of England.
Bottom trawling catches fish on or near the seafloor, like prawns or cod.
Environmental concerns include the damage done by trawl boards.

Graphic showing how a trawl net works

Different nets and gear are used depending on the type of fish sought.
In most whitefish trawl nets, mesh sizes decrease towards the cod end.
Square mesh panels in the net allow undersized fish to escape.
Larger, endangered fish and other creatures are often caught.

Trawler Adorne II and graphic showing how pair trawling works

Adorne II is a 27m (88ft) steel-hulled trawler based in Scotland.
Its crew pair-trawls - towing a net with another boat.
Pair trawling catches faster, schooling-fish such as whiting or herring.
These trawlers tend to spend longer periods at sea

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