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Last Updated: Friday, 9 November 2007, 05:38 GMT
Tidal surge residents 'helpless'
A man filling up a sandbag in Great Yarmouth
Residents are preparing sandbags in advance of possible flooding
Residents of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk say they "don't know what to do" about the prospect of flooding which it is feared will result from a tidal surge.

Adam Goble told the BBC there was a shortage of sandbags in the area.

He said there were none left in his area, apart from a few "lying on the floor (with) a barrage of people arguing for them".

Adam Smith, 16, said: "It's all a bit helpless here. We don't know if we will be evacuated."

Adam, whose home in the Southtown area was flooded in September 2006, said: "We've had no local authority showing here and certainly no information about evacuation.

"People don't really know what to do with themselves."

I suppose in some ways we haven't lost as much as some people, but if we lose our tents we lose pretty much everything, we won't have anywhere to go then
Chris Emmerson

"I have moved all of our important things upstairs and we are now just waiting. I went to the fish and chip shop area and there is a real blitz spirit here.

"We've had the neighbours around to have a cup of tea and the street is full of people protecting their houses.

Alastair Agutter said that at 0500 GMT the wind had been increasing in strength.

"The area is now receiving a heavy downpour of rain that will only compound the threat and cause further anxiety," he said.

"The town of Great Yarmouth still has power, but electricity has been surging for the last three hours."

Flooding concern

Chris Emmerson, who is homeless, had been living rough on a beach in the town but has been told to spend the night at a local school.

"We've just been moved off the beach as we're living in tents," he said.

"Up until now it's been pretty good the weather and everything but tonight the sea has almost reached our tents and we've been moved to Caister school as a safety precaution.

"I suppose in some ways we haven't lost as much as some people, but if we lose our tents we lose pretty much everything, we won't have anywhere to go then."

Another resident, Theresa Frost, is a single mother with three children who lives "just on the sea front".

She said: "Any flooding is going to be on our doorstep as it will flow into the lower area of our street.

"I am unsure as to how to obtain sand bags for some protection."

Terry Yallop, of Cobholm, said he had put "about six sand bags by our front and back door of our house".

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