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IPCC recommendations in Menezes case

Police officers
The IPCC report emphasises the need to improve communications

A police watchdog has issued 16 recommendations to the Metropolitan Police in its final report into the 2005 death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

The recommendations come as the IPCC urges a debate over the policy to shoot suspected suicide bombers on sight.

Last week, the Met was found guilty of endangering the public over the fatal shooting of Mr de Menezes whom officers mistook for a suicide bomber.

The Brazilian electrician was shot in a south London tube on 22 July, a day after a failed suicide bomb attack in London.

The recommendations are:

  • A review to ensure absolute clarity of roles on firearms operations
  • A review of existing guidelines so senior commanders understand the circumstances surrounding future firearms operations, overall strategy and options
  • There was no recording made of what went on in the operations room. The IPCC recommends that things should be fully recorded or documented in future
  • The strategy set by gold commander John McDowell was not put into operation - the IPCC says officers must be more robust with their channels of communication
  • There was no threat assessment taken and the risk assessment did not consider mis-identification or uncertainty in identification. The IPCC wants a review of procedures and training for operations of this nature
  • There was a substantial delay between when the firearms team was requested and when they were deployed. The IPCC is calling for firearms teams to be in place if they are needed
  • There was a lack of clarity over the command to stop the suspect. The IPCC wants to see absolute clarity in the use of operationally specific terminology, and that officers are familiar with the type of language used
  • Surveillance, firearms officers and those in command were not familiar with each other's working practices. The IPCC is calling for this to be reviewed
  • It was only the views of the surveillance team leader that were communicated to Cmdr Dick in relation to the identification of the suspect. The IPCC says firearms and surveillance operations should be fully integrated to ensure any doubts can be communicated
  • The IPCC is calling for a corporate review to ensure the integrity of evidence gathered during surveillance operations, and to look at the usefulness of surveillance logs
  • The incident was not referred to the IPCC until 1521 on Monday, 25 July. Currently in cases of death and serious injury, referral to the IPCC is mandatory by the end of the following day. They want that amended to say "as soon as possible, but no later than the day following the incident"
  • Members of the public were expected to be interviewed immediately and without conferring, whereas officers were allowed to return to base and confer as is normal practice. The IPCC is asking for this practice to be reviewed to ensure accurate and auditable records are taken of "hot" team debriefs
  • Officers involved wrote up their notes together, as per current practice. It wants this practice to end and for a review to look at the need to ensure accounts are obtained in a transparent manner
  • Command and control of this incident was lost when CO19 [firearms] officers entered the underground. The IPCC recommends that Transport for London, British Transport Police and the Met Police collaborate to harmonise communications, and to facilitate command and control operations within the underground network
  • The IPCC says the Met Police, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the National Policing Improvement Agency and the Home Office need to revise planning and training for those involved in anti-terrorist policing. It wants to see the experiences of those directly involved in the events of 22 July 2005 fed into any review
  • The IPCC commends the reassurance given to the community in Lambeth and says that good practice should be replicated in other borough command units

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