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Veterans returning to Falklands
British troops raising a flag in the Falkland Islands during the conflict
The Falklands conflict with Argentina took place in 1982
More than 200 veterans are marking the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War by returning to the islands.

The week-long trip will include battlefield visits and ceremonies to honour the 255 UK servicemen who died.

Although anniversary ceremonies were held in June, this pilgrimage - timed to coincide with Remembrance Sunday - is seen as more personal and poignant.

The veterans will be spending the trip in accommodation offered by islanders, as way of thanks for being liberated.

Among the group will be 70 former servicemen who have suffered psychological problems since the conflict.

The group of 250 also includes 15 relatives of those who died in the South Atlantic war with Argentina.

'Horrific experiences'

Organisers said some local people had taken a week off work to work as drivers for the party.

And one has arranged for a plane to take the visitors to outlying the islands where they fought.

The event is being organised by the South Atlantic Medal Association and also Combat Stress, a charity working with ex-servicemen and women suffering psychological disabilities, which will also provide about 10 trained clinical support staff.

As well as those suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, many making the visit suffered major physical injuries such as losing limbs.

"Some of these guys did go through horrific experiences and saw horrific things," said Colonel Mike Bowles, a retired soldier who is chairman of the organisers.

"I think going back and being able to be in a place and think about it and sit and maybe have some people around you, does help people come to terms with it."

After a parade in the capital Stanley on Saturday, the group will join islanders to mark Remembrance Day at Christchurch Cathedral on Sunday.

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