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Last Updated: Friday, 2 November 2007, 07:21 GMT
Papers call for Met chief's head
Mastheads of the national newspapers
The head of the Metropolitan Police looks very short of friends following his refusal to resign over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

The Daily Mail leads the attack, calling him "a man without honour".

The Times demands he "do the right thing", holding him responsible for an "absence of authority" at the Met.

The Daily Mirror accuses him of "shamelessly" clinging to his job and even the Guardian, a supporter of Sir Ian, wonders if he should remain.

'Bitter split'

The tabloids continue to revel in Heather Mills McCartney's television outburst in which she accused newspapers of a campaign of harassment.

The Sun says she has turned her fire on Sir Paul McCartney, telling US news outlets he knew she was being driven to the point of suicide but did nothing.

The Mirror says she recorded conversations with Sir Paul to "reveal the truth about their bitter split".

But Terence Blacker in the Independent accuses the papers of "bullying" her.

'New superbug'

Confusion reigns over figures for hospital-acquired infections published on Thursday.

The Mirror celebrates signs "the war is being won against hospital superbugs" while the Sun describes the fall in the cases as "a drop in the ocean".

For the Daily Express it's a scandal that patients still get infections at all. It calls for medical staff who fail to wash their hands to be sacked.

And the Mail reports on a new superbug, called GRE, which is "on the march".

'Mung bean mush'

There's something of a backlash against recent health reports, including one suggesting cutting out bacon to reduce to the risk of cancer.

Chef Anthony Worrall Thompson, in the Express, attacks the "fat lies of the food fascists".

Jeff Randall, in the Daily Telegraph, says experts would have us live on "mung bean mash and prune juice".

Britain's main problem, he argues, is not that we're all too fat, but that we're living too long.

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