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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 November 2007, 06:10 GMT
Food 'commandments' upset papers
Mastheads of the national newspapers
New advice on what to eat if you do not want cancer gets a good deal of attention in Thursday's papers.

The Times and the Sun both describe the do's and don'ts as the new commandments and the Sun wants to "Save our bacon".

The prospect of having to abstain from alcohol and red meat upsets the Daily Mirror. Its headline says: "Have a long, healthy and miserable life."

The Daily Mail thinks people are more likely to be angry than depressed, and it demands: "So, what is safe to eat?"

GP salaries

The Independent is more concerned by the 10% pay rise for family doctors and asks: "Is this a sick joke?"

The Daily Express thinks the reaction will be one of outrage and worries "sky high" salaries are diverting precious resources away from patient care.

Meanwhile, the Guardian says Government plans for eco-towns are being adapted to make them healthy towns too.

The 10 new towns of 20,000 people will have cycle lanes, larger parks and more accessible GP surgeries, it writes.


Lady McCartney can hardly have expected a sympathetic account of her diatribes against the press.

The Daily Telegraph describes her demeanour in the series of interviews she gave as animated and dismissive. The Independent calls her furious.

The Mirror talks of a day of "unhinged ranting" and the Express thinks she has "finally cracked".

The Sun cannot resist turning to her estranged husband's songs for a phrase - "Help! She needs somebody", it says.

Cancel Christmas

A think tank favoured by Labour has ruffled a few feathers by suggesting it is time to stop celebrating Christmas.

The Telegraph says the Institute of Public Policy Research thinks other religions' festivals should be given equivalent official recognition.

The Mirror calls the researchers loonies, and their ideas idiotic.

It says whatever your faith, Christmas has become "an intractable part of the national psyche.... a vital part of our cultural calendar".

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