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Royal 'blackmail threat' examined
The House of Windsor is dealing with the threat of blackmail, according to the Sunday Times.

The paper does not identify which royal is the alleged victim.

It says two men demanded 50,000 from a member of the Royal Family and threatened to go public if their demand was not met.

The pair, aged 30 and 40, appeared before City of Westminster magistrates on 13 September accused of blackmail and were remanded in custody.

West Lothian answer?

The Tories may have solved the West Lothian Question, the Observer says, with plans to strip Scottish MPs of the right to vote on English matters.

Under the proposal, Gordon Brown would be unable to vote on laws relating to English schools and hospitals.

One law Mr Brown may live to regret is the Freedom of Information Act.

The Mail on Sunday has used it to reveal the "terrifying scale" of knife crime, with figures suggesting one such crime is committed every 24 minutes.

Army cocaine use

A senior British commander questions his mission in Iraq in the Sunday Telegraph, saying soldiers are "tired of firing at people" in Basra.

He says innocent Iraqis are getting hurt, and asks: "What benefit are we bringing to these people?"

The pressures of war are taking their toll in another way, according to the Independent on Sunday.

It says cocaine use in the armed forces has trebled since the start of the conflict in Iraq.

Knee problems

MPs' expense claims provoke the wrath of the News of the World, which says average allowances of 136,000 per year show arrogant cynicism towards voters.

The Sunday Express is not impressed either. Its headline asks: "Why on earth must we pay for MPs' stamps while they deny soldiers free parcels?"

The People features a 101-year-old who is training for the London marathon.

Father-of-17 Buster Martin tells the paper he may need a couple of pints to stop his knees from freezing up.

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