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Last Updated: Friday, 26 October 2007, 06:38 GMT 07:38 UK
Papers cautious over PM's reforms
Daily newspapers
Friday's newspapers react with caution to Gordon Brown's plans to push through constitutional reforms - a Bill of Rights to protect individuals' freedom.

The Daily Mail asks who would not welcome them but suggests it is hard to forget Labour has presided over an authoritarian administration.

The Independent says reformers must be watching events with fingers crossed.

The Guardian says Mr Brown still has much to do to persuade liberal Britain that he really means what he says.

'Huge challenge'

The United Nations' latest report on the global environment is not a scare story, warns the Independent.

It paints the bleakest picture yet of the planet's well-being and time is running out, it writes.

The Times, too, makes the so-called "Earth Audit" its main story pointing out that the scale of the challenge to put things right is huge.

Science editor Mark Henderson says doom-mongering documents are common but this time it is serious.

Artist's impression

Both the Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph's front pages carry an artist's impression of the man the McCanns say abducted their daughter.

It was released after their interview on Spanish TV about Madeleine.

Guardian columnist Mark Lawson comments on the role played by the McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell.

The McCanns, he writes, are the first private citizens to have their very own Alastair Campbell who briefs in a White House or Downing Street-style.


There are more pictures in the papers of the devastation caused by the wildfires in southern California.

The Telegraph says the damage in one street looks like an atomic bomb blast. "Armageddon" is the Sun's headline.

But the Independent reports that "life southern California-style" carries on despite many evacuees not knowing whether their homes have survived.

Its reporter says broad menus, e-mail access and state-of-the-art tents are on offer in one disaster shelter.

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