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Injured Diana spoke, witness says
People at the scene with the wreckage of Princess Diana's car
Witnesses said photographers gathered round the wreckage
Princess Diana repeated the words "Oh my God" as she lay hurt in car wreckage while photographers took pictures, a witness has told her inquest.

Volunteer firefighter Damian Dalby said he ran towards the smoking car to try to help. He said he was not hampered by the handful of photographers gathered.

Another witness said he heard a photographer shout "she's alive".

Diana, her companion Dodi Al Fayed, and driver Henri Paul died as a result of the Paris crash on 31 August, 1997.

Mr Dalby, appearing at the London inquest via videolink from Paris, said: "There was smoke emanating from the vehicle. I wanted to stop the battery but I couldn't."

Camera flashes

The car's rear, right hand side door was open, and a photographer was close by, but "he did not stop me from doing my assistance job", Mr Dalby said.

He did not realise at the time that the woman was the princess.

In the first evidence at the inquest about whether Diana spoke, Mr Dalby said the woman said "Oh my God, oh my God."

When police arrived they began pushing photographers away and Mr Dalby heard one say "something like, we are earning our money out of that, please let us do our job".

Other witness statements read at the London inquest said people had gathered round the wreckage before the emergency services arrived.

Princess Diana
One witness believes the crash was a photo opportunity gone wrong

Sebastien Masseron said: "I heard one photographer call over to a colleague who was on a scooter at the end of the tunnel: 'Come back, come back, she's alive'."

Mr Masseron, who had been travelling with Mr Dalby to Paris, said: "We had not heard a crash, but it had only just happened.

"There were no other vehicles in that part of the tunnel, where the crash had taken place. There was, however, people around the vehicle."

Mr Masseron's fellow passenger Audrey Lemaigre also mentioned in her statement about the photographers.

"One of them shouted 'she's alive, she's alive'," she said.

"A man on a scooter stopped beside me. He was on the phone, but I do not know to whom he was speaking. I think he had a camera.

"One of the others with a camera in the underpass came over and spoke to him, and then went back to the scene of the accident."

'Secret documents'

Another witness, Jacques Morel, was questioned about evidence he gave to the inquest on Wednesday.

Mr Morel has written a book alleging the crash was the result of a photo opportunity gone wrong, and said he had "secret and confidential documents" supporting his theory, the jury was told.

The lawyer for Dodi's father Mohammed Al Fayed, Michael Mansfield QC, asked: "I suggest to you that this file does not exist, does it?"

Mr Morel, speaking via videolink from Paris, said: "How would you like to bet? I can bet with you $1m and if you bet with me, I can send you the file within 24 hours."

Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris
The jury visited the Paris tunnel at the beginning of the inquest

He said later he was not in a position to present the file to the inquest.

The lawyer for the family of Mr Paul questioned if Mr Morel had even been at the scene of the accident - to which Mr Morel said he was.

And Richard Horwell QC, counsel for the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said Mr Morel was only interested in making money from his book.

Mr Morel replied: "I just hope to recover the money I have lost during the last 10 years. The rest is for the children in the third world."

Mr Horwell then asked: "The truth is you will write and say anything to make money, won't you?"

"I do not write anything, I say what I have heard and what I have seen," Mr Morel replied.

The inquest continues.

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